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If your actions inspire others to dream mores, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. 
                                      (John Quincy Adams)

Our Executive director

Chef Pam Green

News and information

Ahead, there will be current and past new articles found here as well as links to numerous resources related to practical/affordable healthy cooking and eating. 

our leadership team

Nancy giardina alder

Service center

Training and Resource Centers
Partnership with the St. Andrew by the Sea Community Lutheran Church and others. 

chef Manda palomino

  • Chefs With A Mission incorporated as a nonprofit organization and applied for 501 c3 Public Charity status 
  • Chefs With A Mission worked with other nonprofits bringing healthy healthy food services to many diverse populations in need of assistance
  • Chefs With A Mission received official notification from the IRS of their approved 501 c3 status. (Status was acknowledged beginning in 2012) 
  • Chefs With A Mission established their training and resource center in a partnership with the St Andrews By The Sea Church in Atlantic City. NJ.

Chefs With A Mission operates in the spirit of empowering those we serve. We strive to build pride within those served as a result of learning how to take better care of their health and the health of their loved ones through practical, healthy diets... 

Our Services

  1. Food Service Evaluations
  2. ​Onsite Support Programs
  3. ​Workshops - Presentations - Seminars
  4. ​Education and Training Programs